T3KA began in 2007 as the side project of the now defunct Portuguese reggae/ska band Tribolados. The idea came when Kabeção and Francisquinho met and shared musical ideas, listening to Wild Marmalade, OliveTreeDance and Hilight Tribe records. Then came the long nights of jams and finally Tiago was asked to join Tribolados. At this time T3KA was known as LXDidge and recorded a live session at JAPE Estudios in Lisbon sometime in late 2007, which prompted the band to make appearances at Tribolados concerts, usually opening or closing the show. Addario, who was finishing his music studies in London, was asked to join as soon as he came back, and thus the party began.

When Tribolados disbanded in early December 2008, Tiago ,Addario and Kabeção decided to continue the LXDidge project, having received positive reviews and comments. The creation of a cohesive repertoire with new musical ideas and objectives was then put in motion, and very soon the band started to perform gigs as T3KA, attracting a diverse audience interested in world and dance music. Finally Lanitas, who was in the original LXDidge, was asked to come back as a fulltime member, and the formation was complete. Having already shared stages with Wild Marmalade, Drubravko Lapaine,Zalem, Marcos Andreas, RaMM the voyage has only just begun for T3KA!

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