Online Didge Classes

My Online School

The Online Didge Classes is a way to share my knowledge with new and old students of Didgeridoo and make you jump fast in your didgeridoo level , the studys are divided in 3 Levels  , 1 , 2 and 3.

Each of the levels have different kind of studys .

The Level 1 is related to all the begginers

The Level 2 to all middium/advanced Players

The Level 3 to a master level with didgeridoo. (this change your life )

  • We do it by skype or WhatsApp , Facebook video Call.
  • My Skype is Tiago.francisquinho Just add me and we will chat.
    The price of the lessons is 25€ /hour and you can pay by Paypal or international transfer:
  • You can ask me what you want to learn in my Online class or can let me give you a help improving what you developed so far.
  • You can learn to circular breathing (different key movements).
  • You can learn new grooves and Techniques .
  • Also i got a teaching program made of 3 Blocks of 4hours a month.
  • I can advice you also what Block or Blocks you should study with me.
  • The online classes can also be particular live classes , just fix with me by email

Didgeridoo , Music and Sound

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