Tiago Was born in the Spring of 1986 in Tomar , a small city in the center of Portugal.

He plays and experiment different musical instruments, but developed his main musical work around the Didgeridoo and percussion .

He discover the sound of the Ydaki (Didgeridoo) around 2003/2004 , but just in 2005 start to play.

Was in 2008 that he discovered the APD (Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo) and the Didgeridoo Residence in Portugal, a place that forever changed the way he would see the Didgeridoo and Aboriginal art and Culture.

Since that time he created and got envolve in many musical projects ,along side many musicians and musical backgrounds.

In 2011 Lisbon Sound of Didgeridoo , that envolved into T3KA , a band that blends the sound of the Didgeridoo with guitar, Bass and drums.
After some time playing with T3KA , came the need to explore the world alone and also do a solo work.
With more years and travels , came new inspirantion.
Now days his main activity is street art or Busking , but also concerts and Workshops.

Until today Tiago aka Cano Guru has been travelling and sharing his own music around the world , trying to learn more by sharing music and learnig with different cultures.

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