Bands , projects and collaborations

With Azak Okena and Òscar Fire
The Flying Didges with Renato Oliveira and João Jardim in Flying House (Portugal)
With Krzysztof “Kris” Gardulski from Poland (Poland)
Ricardo Passos and Niraj in Fábrica Braço de Prata ( Portugal )
With Ronan from France and João Jardim from Portugal in ( Portugal )
With João Jardim from Portugal
With William Thorem from USA
With Trio Étnica , Carolina Pizarro e Bernardo D’Addario


With Nithin M Menon from India in Coorg , India
With Pedro de Faro , Fernando Lyra and Rute Maluma (Portugal / Brazil)
With Jazzfari (Portugal)


Didgeridoo , Music and Sound

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